Wow Boys you are in for a treat tonight Platinum 175 has 2 of our latest additions  Talia and Savannah working from 9pm  both of these sexy ladies are a MUST TO SEE. 
TALIA is putting in a guest appearance at Platinum 175 for 2 weeks only. This exotic playmate  from New Zealand is going to lure you in with her innocence and blow you away with her sexy little package. . Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Talia she is here for a LIMITED TIME ONLY !!!!
SAVANNAH This young and sexy playmate has extremely long legs that go on forever with tanned  skin that will make you melt… Savannah has perfect breasts and a slender body that is just waiting to tease you…
As well as our new additions we also have Tiffany,Harper,Rose,Harley, Amber  and the ohhhh so sexy Lilly ready to party into the small hours of Sunday morning.